Blue vs Red

I really never had a reason to choose between red and blue. If anything both colors are similar in just displaying very negative emotions. Red for anger and Blue for depression- well at least the emotion associated with those colors. I mean at the end of the day they are just colors. Many quotes such as “She is feeling blue today” or “He is red hot” and so on are just identifiers, a label that makes it easy for us recollect and process. Same with other colors, green represents nature, white represents light and black represents darkness. But our focus is really on BLUE and RED.

Blue vs Red

Other than the primary color’s displaying a representation of negative emotions. There are so many beauties in this world. Such as the blue ocean reflecting on the emitted blue sky and the day of love filled with red and exchange of hearts, roses and chocolates. Some might even say that when we think of the colors red and blue it can be seen as the main colors in the color wheel and when mixed together can form another beautiful color:


Mixture of Blue and Red

The colors of blue and red are so complex and we use it almost everywhere. So far we’ve been talking about sight and the view of the colors of red and blue. FLAVORS- now we dive into taste, flavors such as Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry. Bubblegum etc. Now there is many things we can dive into but the last thing I want to touch on is TOUCH :) Another thing we can conclude that when something is cool or cold we think BLUE and when something is warm or hot we think RED and this puts us on high alert sometimes-to know the difference between “left” and “right”.

So what was the point of this whole rant about two simple colors that have little recognition yet so much meaning and so much deeper than the surface of colors. Well the message I’m trying to convey is that in life you will always have a this sudden choice to always pick the left road or the right road. In this case BLUE OR RED. Life is difficult sometimes but you need to dive deeper, find more meaning to the elements your facing in your life. Grow as such as the gradient of every color in the world can be changed according to your needs. Adaptation is so important in an forever changing world. There will always be an “There are two sides of the story.” moment in your life. Don’t rush and weigh all options. Write you book of color- create your own journey!





Stories that are truly out of this world!

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Stories that are truly out of this world!

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